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[Q] - I need to make a reading where I cannot see the display - can this be done?

[A] - Yes, simply keep the measurement button pressed. Allow 3 seconds for the measurement to be taken then remove the detector from the glass. The reading will be displayed until the button is released.

[Q] - Does the detector operate on wet glass?

[A] - No, the detector measures various characteristics of the glass; water or dampness disturbs these readings and can result in erroneous results. The test area should be dried thoroughly before attempting a measurement. Be careful not to get the underside of the detector wet.

[Q] - The battery indicator is showing Red, can I still use the unit?

[A] - If the error indicator is not lit then the measurements that you make are still valid. Typically after the indicator turns Red you can make another 4000 measurements BUT we recommend that you change the battery as soon as practicable.

[Q] - I have an IGU that is showing low-e top surface?

[A] - Normally this can only occur if the IGU has been built incorrectly. The low-e coating should be to the inside of the IGU. We recommend that you contact your IGU fabricator for advice.

[Q] - I'm measuring a Pilkington Glass product that does not have a Pilkington Activ™ coating yet the detector shows that it does?

[A] - A few relatively 'rare' coatings produce similar measurement information to Pilkington Activ™. We have extensively tested other widely available coatings and we have produced a guide of supported coatings. If you have a coating that you think is being incorrectly detected, please contact us for advice.

Download the guide here.

[Q] - You recommend that I take three readings from each side of the glass - Why?

[A] - Coated glass used for commercial glazing can have very small imperfections or local contamination that is invisible to the naked eye in normal use. The detector can under some circumstances 'see' this imperfections and incorrectly report the coatings detected. The chances of measuring three areas with similar defects are very low. If you regularly get the differences in measurement on the same sheet of glass please visit our support pages.

[Q] - If I hold the underside of the unit and press the measurement button the low-e or error indicators light.

[A] - You will, this is perfectly normal, the measurement system is just reacting to the presence of your hand.

[Q] - If I order a detector online how long will it take to be delivered?

[A] - For orders placed before 3:00pm we will try to deliver next day. Please contact us if it has not arrived within 3 days.

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